Why & How to Buy a Vacuum Sealer

Why & How to Buy a Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer allows all the air to be sucked out of a pouch or container of food to effectively preserve it. A vacuum results in lack of moisture and oxygen, which prevents the growth of mildew, microbes and mold. This preserved food lasts longer than its usual shelf life. There are many substitutes to vacuum sealers though none of them are as effective as a good vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer is necessary when an individual wishes to store food for long without it decaying. One should read vacuum sealer reviews to ensure purchase of quality products.

Why buy a vacuum sealer?

When food is to be stored or refrigerated for more than a few days then it is advisable to use vacuum sealers. When food is stored in freezers or close to freezing temperatures the food remains fresh as the enzyme activity taking place inside food slows down the process of decaying. The food that is vacuum sealed does not get affected by freezer burns. Thus, an individual looking to store frozen meat, fish or poultry in large quantities should consider freezing the food and using vacuum sealed packages.

Fish and meat can be marinated quickly when placed in a vacuum sealed container as compared to refrigerating it overnight. There are several types of vacuum sealers and all of them are not used only to preserve food. Some of these devices can also be used to seal linens and other domestic items to protect them from humidity and dust.

Factors to consider while purchasing a vacuum sealer

Listed below are some factors which play a key role in determining which type of vacuum sealer to purchase.

  • Portable: Where you are going to use the vacuum sealer is a major factor based on which the purchase is made. If you plan to use it at home then a counter top model would be most preferred choice. This device can be used to seal anything ranging from solid food items like fruits to liquids like milk or juice. The handheld models are not quite efficient even though they are portable and can be carried around easily. These devices are battery operated and function only with zip lock pouches rather than fully sealable vacuum bags. Since, these devices do not offer much power the there is no guarantee that the packing will be as efficient and will last long.
  • Orientation: There are certain models which are suitable for food items and fluids and can effectively seal canning jars. These flat appliances might be more suitable to edibles with high liquid content.
  • Sealing cue: All vacuum sealers seal bags or packages, though there are two types of sealing settings. Some devices offer to check the pressure before vacuum sealing whereas some others start sealing after a certain period of time has passed.

If you are unable to judge which vacuum sealer is the best for you then you should opt for reading vacuum sealer reviews to decide which model is the best for you.

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