How do you select a plasma-cutting machine?

plasma cutting machineWhat is plasma cutting? Why do you need a plasma cutter? Which are the best ones available? If you are having these questions in your mind, then you will find your answers in this article. First, let us see what plasma cutting is all about. It is nothing but a process that allows the cutting of materials from end to end, which are electrically conductive. This is possible with the help of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Some of the materials that can be cut using this process are copper, aluminium, brass, steel and some other typical materials. The process of plasma cutting is popular in welding and fabrication shops, industrial construction, automotive restoration and repair shops, scrapping operations and salvage.

Here is a list of the best plasma cutter available in the market:

  • Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc
  • Ramsond CUT 50DY
  • Lotos LT5000D 50A Inverter Plasma Cutter

Before you buy a plasma cutter, you need to know how to select the best device among many. Here are a few things that will help you.

  • Prerequisites:

Before you buy the plasma cutter, you need to consider many things like the thickness, capacity, cut requirement, cost, portability and so on.

  • Duty Cycle:

You need to decide on how you are going to use the plasma cutter. The method of usage for any machine is called duty cycle of that particular machine. Like for instance, if it is likely to be used for a shorter duration or for long hours. However, if you think you might use it for many times in a day, but not for long hours, then buying one that cuts more thickness is preferable.

  • Portability:

If you want to use the plasma cutter at many places and have to carry almost everywhere you go, then it is advisable that you buy one that weighs around 20-40 lbs. For a portable plasma cutter, you will also need a compressed supply of air. Therefore, you can buy a compressor and a power generator that is also portable.

  • Automatic or Manual:

Plasma cutter with automated usage means nothing but you will make use of a CNC machine to operate it. So make sure, if you want a manual usage or an automated usage plasma cutter. However, if you wish to use it manually initially and put it in the automated usage mode in the future then make sure that the plasma cutter you are purchasing does not make use of high frequency starting circuit. This high frequency circuit usually generates heavy voltage, which might terminate the stored data in the automated system.

  • Power and Consistency:

The IPM (Inches per minute) ratings on the plasma cutter will help you decide and select the best cutter. Make sure you buy a plasma cutter, which has a centralised cooler in it such that cool air circulates through the central part of the machine. It is necessary to keep the central part cool because it is the place where all the thermal components are in place and needs safekeeping.

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