Characteristics and features of Horizontal and vertical band saw

Horizontal band sawAnyone who wants to become an expert handyman, it’s quite essential to keenly understand the correct usage of the tools. Having proper knowledge about tools will aid you in every aspect to avoid injury. So it becomes quite important to choose the proper tools in order to achieve maximum benefit whilst avoiding injury as well.

As the internet is flooded with great number of online portals, there are both fake and genuine sites in this regard. So, the buyer has to be careful enough. Make sure that the site from where you purchase is reputable and whether the products will be delivered on time. For information regarding the quality of the product, you can go through the band saw reviews which give clear information about the products. These reviews will aid you in choosing the best product at affordable costs.

Here are listed with certain essential facts that one must know about horizontal band saw-

  • Horizontal band saw and the vertical band saw have different band saw tools; they can be easily used on metal to achieve a quite lot of things. The horizontal band saw is used to make cuts on the large pieces as it possesses the capacity to do so. On the other hand, vertical band saw uses less power but still makes continuous cuts, thereby making use of endless blades. It has an amazing capacity to give perfection even to most complicated task as well.
  • A band saw is one of the power tools which are used to work on metals, wood, plastic and much more. As such more power will be consumed while using this tool. Therefore, while purchasing band saw one of the vital aspects which need to be considered is the power consumption required by a particular type of tool.
  • Another important consideration while purchasing either vertical or horizontal band saw is the type of blade that it possess or the type of blade that you need. The type of blade that you use will determine the cuts made.
  • Either horizontal or the vertical band saw is of table size. So, it’s better to buy the larger one which provides more convenient space for working.
  • Keeping the blades of the band saw lubricated is very much essential. Never make use of any cleansing agent or water on the blades as there is every chance of causing rust. The best cleaning solution is the mixture of 2/3 rd high adhesion bar oil and 1/3rd Apply this mixture on both sides of the blade. By regularly lubricating the blades, it is less prone to damage and lasts for a longer duration of time.
  • At the final stage, make sure to go through the product label which you wish to purchase. Keenly check for the product, ratings, dimension and the specification. If you have any sort of queries, you can go ask the sales personnel and get the issue clarified.


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