Are you facing problems with your vehicle? Don’t worry! The Champs are here!

Auto repairDo you know that the regular maintenance of your vehicle can keep it in a great condition for a long time? This will not only save your future cost for repairs, but also help in saving it from premature damage. However it’s very important to choose the right mechanic for the job, one who knows what he’s doing and which part to check carefully for any damage. You might find many names in this field that can provide you the car repair service, but one of the best among them is Champs Family auto repair Goodyear AZ. This company will help you in every kind of vehicle repair starting from changing the oil type to repairing of engine and also offers financing for the cost of repair.

Services they offer

Champs automotive shop is your one stop solution for all kinds of vehicle-related problems. They do maintenance and repair job for every type of vehicle like your cars, diesel and gas vehicles, SUVs, buses, RV, vans, trucks etc. The trained mechanics can also make you a chart for proper maintenance of your vehicle to ensure a high performance.

Firstly, the ASE certified mechanic does a complete diagnostic with different tools to know about the exact condition of the vehicle and then treat it accordingly. This helps in repairing the vehicle in an efficient way. Below, you will know about the various services it offers to its customers.

Personal vehicle repair service

Different kinds of services offered for automotive vehicle are:

  • Alignment: Alignments of tyres are very important for any vehicle. Here you will get 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignment service.
  • Brake: This service includes maintenance of air, trailer and parking breaks. It also deals with the repair of the mastercylinder, servicing on disc and drum and diagnosis of ABS.
  • Oil change: This includes inspection of brakes, oil and filter, checking the tire pressure and fluids and refilling them if needed.
  • Repairing of heating and cooling system: This includes checking the leaks, cooling fans, AC oil and the full electric system.

Diesel vehicles repair

If your diesel engine is showing any of the symptoms which are mentioned below then don’t be afraid as the Champs are here to solve it.

  • EGR issues
  • Problem with alignment
  • Sudden loss in fuel without any reason
  • Exhaust pipe is emitting white smoke
  • Overheating of the engine while driving or always
  • Engine is running inefficiently when it’s cold
  • Frequent cranking and head start
  • Loss of coolant without any explanation or presence of engine oil in the cooling system etc.


Fleet services

Champs family Automotive is actually a family owned business. So they believe in giving their best for their customers as they think that their customers are also a part of their big family. Fleet service is generally considered as very costly but here you will get all the services at a fair price. Some of these services are pointed below:

  • Electrical system: Maintenance of generator, box wiring, alternators, starters, charging system and testing the battery.
  • AC system: Checking of belt and hoses, cooling system, heater and thermostats and diagnosing situations causing leaks and overheat.
  • Diagnosis: Computer-based diagnosis of performance and checking the drivability, fuel injection, emission and carburetor etc.
  • Suspension and heavy repair: Work related to coil springs, leaf springs, steering component, struts, rack, CV boots, axles in the front shocks and pinion. It also includes transfer case, diagnostic of the headgasket, installing the custom component and replacement of transmission system, cylinder head and engine.



Additional services

At Champs, you will not only receive services for the maintenance of your vehicle, but something more as well. Few additional services are given below:

  • They provide National warranty under few terms and conditions.
  • Assistance for towing is available
  • Delivering or picking up the vehicles from the source for repair
  • Shuttle services are provided for the customer
  • With some restrictions, discounts are given on hourly rate, spare parts and payment.


Champs Family Automotive have a specialist for every vehicle, and provides state of the art work. They carry out their work with full integrity and have a fair price list for all their services. They work Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm and you can also book an appointment on Saturday.

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