A Brief Introduction to Spotting Scopes

spotting scopeFor a hunting enthusiast his/her hunting equipment is of paramount importance because good quality equipment translates into a hit and a prize catch. This is precisely why owning a great spotting scope is vital. As more and more people are realizing this fact spotting scopes are garnering tremendous popularity. Also, individuals wanting to invest in them are now reading spotting scope reviews online in order to ascertain quality, functionality and efficiency.


A spotting scope, just as the name implies is a smaller telescope, which has been designed specifically for terrestrial observing. A spotting scope has magnification capabilities which exceed the magnification range of even the most high end binoculars. The compact size may make you wonder whether or not these optical instruments work well, however bid farewell to all your doubts because spotting scopes are exceptionally powerful, regardless of their size which offers amazing portability.


Individuals who possess top notch spotting scopes can engage in activities such as bird watching, hunting, scenic observing, beginning astronomy, surveillance, telephotography and nature study among various other activities. The intended purpose of a spotting scope is to enhance the pleasure and results you derive from the aforementioned activities. Based on the design and type of your spotting scope the magnification range you receive can be 10X to 250X. This magnification range can be achieved via fixed eyepieces or zoomed eyepieces.


Spotting scopes can be classified based on their magnification capabilities and their design. The two basic body designs include angled and straight. Angled scopes aim to curve the light path, which is why the eyepiece is placed at a 45° from the scope’s barrel axis. Conversely straight variants feature parallel eyepiece and barrel. The benefits of each type are listed below:

Angled spotting scope:

  • Can be shared conveniently within a group
  • The eye point is higher hence a shorter tripod is ideal
  • Tree tops and hiding animals can all be spotted using this type of scope

Straight spotting scope:

  • Perfect for beginners owing to its simplicity
  • Animals and birds on the ground can be viewed with exceptional ease
  • During level viewing it causes little to no strain in the neck area


It can certainly be said that when compared to binoculars spotting scopes are much more advantageous. One such advantage is that scopes allow you to observe animals such as bucks and deer from a considerable distance, whereas binoculars are simply not meant for the task. Great magnification capabilities are always an advantage.

  • Finding specific animals and birds in large herds and flocks.
  • Locating animals and their hiding spaces.
  • Recognizing differences between similar species.
  • Telephotography: A majority of scopes now feature lenses which can be used as a telephoto lens. The scope’s design and accessories available may contribute to varying performances in terms of telephotography.


Purchasing a spotting scope is bound to provide you with new and considerably better hunting opportunities. Regardless of the location you choose to observe you will only benefit from possessing a premium quality scope. To ensure premium quality read spotting scope reviews online.

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