A Brief Introduction to Band Saw

Band SawToday, purchasing a band saw has become an unbelievably daunting and challenging task. There are several brands which offer amazingly functional and durable band saws, which is precisely why choosing becomes all the more difficult. You may feel that reading band saw reviews< will make the decision making process a whole lot easier; however you should also consider that you might become even more confused after reading several reviews. To help you make your decision, a comprehensive guide is listed below. Types available The most basic types of band saws available are three wheel variants and two wheel variants. The former may seem the best bet however, in one revolution the blade is required to change its direction exactly three times. This means that the blade wears off prematurely and often breaks relatively sooner. Additionally, wheels provided are exceptionally smaller, forcing the blade to revolve in a tighter circular motion, which again contributes to breakage.

Conversely, two wheel models last longer as the blade is required to change direction only twice. Also, larger wheels create the flywheel effect, which is why more drive surface area is produced. The only disadvantage you may face with this variant is that it offers much less throat.


The primary reasons you wish to purchase a band saw may be that you want to accomplish skillful curve cutting, re-sawing, round cutting and want to cut logs to achieve billets. Ripping requires considerable horsepower and it is highly recommended that you look for models that offer above 1hp.

Additionally, there are band saws which feature a comprehensive series of pulleys which allow different ratios, which certainly boost the saw’s power but affect cutting speed. The ideal speed for cutting aluminum happens to be ideal for hardwood as well.


Imperial measure is used to classify saw blades while TPI i.e. teeth per inch or points per inch i.e. PPI are used to classify teeth. Going by TPI the ideal measure is 3 TPI. This recommended TPI efficiently handles green wood and also carries away sawdust without causing extreme clogging.

A relatively recent blade which has taken the market by storm is the extra-set and just as the name implies, this blade boasts extra teeth. This blade lets woodworkers cut tighter circles and is quite efficient in term of clearing saw dust as well. This blade is recommended by one and all due to the results it delivers.

Rollers and blade guides

These are crucial part of a band saw hence, demand careful consideration. Movements of the blade is counter acted and balanced through ball bearing races and guides, which are situated on top and beneath the cutting area.

Quick checklist

Given below is a quick checklist so you can purchase the best band saw without having to rely on lengthy band saw reviews.

  • Two wheel saws are undeniably long lasting.
  • Minimum horsepower required is 1hp.
  • Adequate cutting height is 6 inches and above. Never settle for less than 6 inches.
  • Rollers and guides should remain firm and have absolutely no play.
  • In the extra-set 3TPI is ideal for woodworkers.


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